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Organizing Your Green Team

Recuit. Organize. Schedule.

Start the Conversation

            Start the conversation with your teammates and find a few friends to help you put in the groundwork. Decide on a date for an initial meeting and create a flyer to hand out at team practices.

Leverage Your Leaders

            At the first meeting, identify those who may valuable as Green Team leaders. Some riders may have experience with Green Teams at their school, while others may wish to gain valuable volunteer hours for academic achievements. At many colleges, there are environmental majors already on the equestrian team. Leverage these students as leaders, as they can use their class knowledge to improve sustainability within the equine program.

Create a Schedule

            During the first Green Team meeting, create a practical schedule that works for your teammates. Monthly or semi-annual meetings is a reasonable commitment for most members of your team. Set meeting dates early in advance to ensure members have time to plan, and adjust the date accordingly.

            Once you have identified your initiatives and created a strategy to implement them, you should create a schedule of duties for Green Team members. This may include emptying recycling bins, turning off lights after practice, replacing water refill filters, maintaining signage, etc.


Photo: Gleneayre Equestrian Program

Identify and Implement Initiatives

Conserve Water Use

            Identify initiatives that are achievable for your barn and develop a system to achieve each. Don’t be discouraged, some of them may take some work!

            For example, you may need to talk to your trainer about the most practical method for implementing recycling on the property, then follow up with research on local disposal companies and their prices. Remember, your trainer or farm owner has the final approval on all initiatives, so if you cannot complete one for this reason, simply move on to another initiative and do your best!

Click here for a list of potential initiatives and how to implement them!

  • Refuse to Use Single-Use Plastics​

  • Waste Management & Recycling

  • Water Conservation

  • Energy Conservation

  • Promoting Biodiversity

  • Hosting Horse Shows

Green Team Goals

Create a Positive Impact on the Planet - Implement initiatives and educate your friends to create positive change at the barn and in daily habits.

Inspire Others to Make Change - Your Green Team is an example to others. Visitors will see your initiatives and be inspired to create a similar program. The more who participate, the larger the impact on our planet.

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