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What if you planted a seed...

...and it grew?

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Let's plant the seeds of empowerment and do our part to clean up our barns, our horse shows, and reduce our impact!

Our Mission

We educate and inspire horse show managers, farm owners and equestrian enthusiasts from all corners of the United States to live clean, green, and light on this Earth.

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A Community Working to Incorporate a Sustainable Mindset Into Our Daily Lives

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Promoting Pollinators on the Farm: Erica Zorilla of Charmed Life Farm makes a conscious effort to care for the pollinators that, in turn, take care of us.

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DEET-free Mosquito and Gnat Spray: Colorado-based dressage rider Suzie Hallé makes her own bug spray to combat both plastic waste and the amount of harmful chemicals she releases into the environment.

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Changing the World One Horse Show At a Time

Newest Green Partners
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Change Your Purchases Change Your Perspective

We believe in green grass, blue skies, fresh air, and happy horses.
We believe that small changes have huge impacts.
We are dedicated to preserving the planet for the animals we love and their future riders.
We hope to inspire equestrians to join us in our quest to lessen the environmental impact of our horse shows and farms. 

The Three Rs

The easiest and quickest way to help your barn go green.


The first and easiest way to go green is simple, reduce your consumption and therefore waste. This may be, turning off the water while you wash your horse, turning off the barn lights, or avoiding plastic use!


The second way to go green is just as easy, Re-Use what you are using. Try repurposing supplement buckets for bathing or packing for horse shows!


The third way to go green, Recycle EVERYTHING that can be recycled. Commit to researching and understanding what programs exist, both in your town and beyond. 

"Reduce, Reuse, in that order, because you can't recycle the Planet!"

So what's next?
Empower your fellow barn mates, barn manager, trainer, and owner by becoming an Official Green Partner right here!
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