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The College Preparatory Invitational: Motivating the Next Generation of Eco-Conscious Equestrians

Green Is the New Blue, a non-profit organization that strives to reduce the environmental impact of horse shows and call equestrians to action for a more sustainable sport, is proud to partner with the CPI (College Preparatory Invitational) Horse Show, an organization that allows young riders to explore the college equestrian experience through education, competition, and college recruiting opportunities. Green Is the New Blue and CPI successfully partnered for their third horse show together, debuting a new team scholarship opportunity at CPI Florida 2022, the Green Team Challenge.

R. Scot Evans speaking at the Opening Ceremony

At the Opening Ceremony, Green Is the New Blue’s R. Scot Evans introduced himself and the organization to student-athletes, explaining that passion for what you’re doing can fuel positive change within our sport. Anna Zygadlo followed up by discussing the pathway of Environmental Studies and introduced the audience to our scholarship challenge.

Green Is the New Blue would like to send a special congratulations to the winners of our Green Team Challenge Scholarship Award at the 2022 College Preparatory Invitational Horse Show in Wellington, Florida. Student-athletes collaborated to propose solutions to one of two environmental prompts relative to the equine industry, competing for a $500 scholarship per rider on the winning team.

Anna Zygadlo and Lindsay Martin (CPI) award the Green Team Challenge winners.

Coming out on top was Team 12, comprised of Shayna K., Rebecca K., Chelsea T., and Meredith M. Answering the Living Jump prompt, the team designed a mock jump native to South Florida, including coreopsis, purple coneflower, and bee balm. All three of these species are attractive to a variety of pollinators, including hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. Though coreopsis and coneflower both attract pollinators, they also serve as a natural mosquito repellent. Coreopsis and purple coneflower both thrive in direct sunlight, making them ideal for bright arenas.

Throughout the weekend, Green Teams worked with impressive enthusiasm at our Eco-Friendly Work Station. Featuring a hand crank and solar powered phone charger, students were able to thoroughly research their answers online. With thrifted art utensils, teams who selected the Living Jump prompt created beautiful sketches for their submissions on recycled paper.

Throughout the event, representatives of Green Is the New Blue spoke with various students about the potential career options in the environmental — and equine — field. Imagine a future in which riders and horse enthusiasts work within the equine industry to create a more sustainable sport — and a healthier planet. With this vision in mind, Green Is the New Blue and the College Preparatory Invitational compiled a list of environmental majors and minors offered by each school attending the college fair at CPI Florida 2022.

Green Is the New Blue is incredibly proud of the quality of work and participation by student-athletes in our initiatives at the College Preparatory Invitational. We invite all riders to join us in making strides for a sustainable sport by continuing to engage with us via our social media platforms.

Refuse to Use signage at CPI FL 2022.

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