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Change Begins With Us

Green Is the New Blue is an environmental non-profit that strives to reduce the environmental impacts of equine-related events and activities. We encourage others to incorporate green practices into daily operations.

Green Is The New Blue Has Two Goals:

  • To empower and inspire equestrians to join us in our mission of reducing the environmental impact of horse sports

  • To provide the tools to make these changes easy and straightforward to implement

Small Changes Have Huge Impacts

  • Founded by Stephanie Bulger, an amateur rider and mother with a passion for sustainability, GNB is dedicated to preserving the planet for the animals we love and their future riders.


Green Is the New Blue has developed a team with vast experience within the equestrian industry, as well as knowledge on developing a sustainable non-profit. Each member of our team is devoted to creating a better tomorrow for our children.

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Stephanie Riggio Bulger


Green Is the New Blue was founded by Stephanie Riggio Bulger. A lifelong New Yorker, Stephanie's passion for horses began as a kid in Central Park, and has taken her to the top echelon of the hunter world. She has owned and competed on such notable horses as Indian Summer, Fiddler's Bridge and many more. Stephanie is also a proud mom of her son Leo who is the inspiration behind Green Is the New Blue. Stephanie has seen the impact we have on our planet and wants to leave it in a better place for her son.

Combining Stephanie's love of horses with her passion to make the world a better place has created a movement within the equine industry to do our part and save the planet for our children.

R. Scot Evans


Creative Director R. Scot Evans has an extensive background in the equestrian world. Along with a training and coaching career, he was an “R” judge in the hunter, jumper, and equitation disciplines for over 40 years, judging such major events as the ASPCA Maclay Finals and numerous other championship shows.


Beyond the show ring, Evans has worked in Sponsor Relations for Stadium Jumping, Inc., the Winter Equestrian Festival, and the Hampton Classic. Additionally, he was the producer of the Three Masters and American System of Forward Riding video series. Evans currently serves on the boards of the Aiken Horse Foundation and the Equestrian Aid Foundation, of which he was a founding member and past president. 

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