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#BringYourOwn MOVEMENT

#BringYourOwn Reusable Bottle and #RefuseToUse Single-Use Plastics

The challenge is this: #BringYourOwn reusable water bottle to the barn or horse show and refill it throughout the day, saying no to plastic waste!

Anyone Can Join the Movement!

Share your photo to social media using the hashtag and tag @green_is_the_new_blue! 


Create a Water Refill Station

Bring Your Bottle (6).png

A water refill station can be as simple or elaborate as you'd like!

  • Install a formal filtration system

  • Refill stations with large jugs can be recycled and refilled at the grocery store.

  • Have a fridge? You can simply add a pitcher with a filter, such as a Brita.

  • For horse show ingates, fill a sports cooler for easy ringside refills.

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