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The purpose of the "Living Jump" is to promote biodiversity and support species that enhance ecosystem resilience.

Biodiversity describes the overall variety of living things in the ecosystem—from microorganisms to plants to horses and their riders—and is important because it provides vital resources such as food, water, shelter, medicine, and fuel. A biodiverse environment is also more resilient in the face of disaster. When equestrians source native plants within the course design and farm landscaping processes, they help to sustain the local environments that, in turn, sustain human life.

To build a living jump, source native plants from a local nursery or research appropriate species to grow through the National Wildlife Federation's Native Plant Finder. Include species that support pollinators and other insects, such as spiders to control fly populations.

To add to sustainability, many species included in your "Living Jump" can be replanted for use the following years. Others, such as annual bulbs, can be kept until them bloom again the next year. Not only is it environmentally friendly to care for your plants over multiple years, but its more financially friendly!

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