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American Trails Presents: “Got Mud: Tackling Mud and Erosion on Equestrian Trails” Webinar

Green Is the New Blue looks forward to tuning into an upcoming webinar hosted by the American Trails Association. A part of their Advancing Trails Webinar Series, this event will be held virtually on August 31, 2023.

Got Mud: Tackling Mud and Erosion on Equestrian Trails

August 31, 2023

1:00-2:20pm EST

About This Webinar

This interactive webinar addresses issues surrounding land management, conservation, and equestrian trail systems. Several presenters will discuss strategies to mitigate the challenges of mud and erosion on equestrian recreational trails.

The topics covered include the impacts of erosion and mud on ground conditions, safety, and water quality. The presenters will further describe how proper planning, construction and continuous maintenance can prevent these problems.

Presenters include:

About American Trails

American Trails works as a living resource for scientists, land managers, and lovers of outdoor recreational trails. They are passionate about promoting diversity, enrichment and sustainability through United States trail systems. In their Advancing Trails Webinar Series, American Trails aims to provide accessible solutions to the challenges faced in the management and construction of trail systems.

Please Note: Green Is the New Blue is not directly affiliated with this webinar. The purpose of this article is to share environmental news and educational opportunities with our Green Community.

This news update was written by Green Is the New Blue intern Chloe Koval, a graduate of the University of Vermont who majored in Environmental Science with a concentration in Biology.

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