Cleaning Up The Horse Industry, One Show At A time

Updated: May 14, 2020


OCTOBER 16, 2019

Stephanie Bulger was handwalking one of her horses around the grounds of a well-known horse show circuit in the Northeast, and was struck by all the litter she saw.

“I couldn’t find any grass that was not littered with cigarette butts, bottle caps, snack wrappers and other plastic detritus,” said Stephanie, a 35-year-old amateur hunter/jumper rider from New York. “I started looking around and realized that there were no recycling bins anywhere, and no options to fill up reusable water bottles or coffee cups.”

Climate change and environmental issues are very much at the forefront of global conversation right now, and Stephanie realized just how little was being done in the world of horse sport to reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste.

“Looking deeper in the industry itself, I realized there is so much single-use plastic associated with the care of horses and maintenance and production of horse shows,” she described. “This is a booming industry, which is wonderful. I’m so proud to see the sport I love continue to gain popularity and become more mainstream and accessible to a broader audience. However, it is clear that the sport is generating a tremendous amount of waste and is negatively impacting the environment.”

So Stephanie founded “Green Is The New Blue” with the mission of creating eco-friendly programs at horse shows to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Green Is the New Blue has launched recycling programs at circuits like the Upperville Colt & Horse Show, Brandywine Horse Shows, the Washington International Horse Show and more this year.

Heels Down Mag caught up with Stephanie to learn more.

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