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Colorado State University Students Lead the Way at American Horse Council Annual Conference

The American Horse Council's 2023 annual conference brought together equestrian enthusiasts and industry professionals from across the country. Held in Denver, CO, on June 6, the conference served as a platform to discuss various aspects of the equine world, including sustainability within the sport. Notable speakers on the topic included R. Scot Evans, Creative Director of Green Is the New Blue, and Megan Fellows, CEO of Carbon Hoofprint. Rounding out the panel were two Colorado State University students who highlighted the impact young researchers are making on the climate struggle.

Jessica Stock and Vanessa Roy at the American Horse Council annual conference.

Vanessa Roy and Jessica Stock, both seniors at CSU, captivated the audience with their presentation entitled How Can Environmental Sustainability Be Applied to Equine Venues & Events? Their insightful research examined current sustainability practices at horse shows, including initiatives such as recycling, water refill stations, water conservation, and eco-conscious packaging. However, the focal point of their presentation was a more groundbreaking concept: the generation of energy from horse manure, specifically through the creation of biogas.

Roy and Stock demonstrated how, by harnessing the power of horse waste, equine venues and events could not only power themselves, but also the surrounding community. This would enable these venues to simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions and effectively manage horse waste. Their research was based on the Helsinki Horse Show model, who has converted manure to energy at their events since 2015. Roy and Stock's presentation provided a compelling case for the widespread adoption of this innovative practice and showcased the potential for a more sustainable future in the equestrian community.

View Presentation How Can Environmental Sustainability Be Applied to Equine Venues & Events? By Vanessa Roy and Jessica Stock, Colorado Statue University

How Can Environmental Sustainability Be Applied to Equine Venues and Events
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Green Is the New Blue, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in the equestrian world, commends Roy and Stock on their outstanding presentation, careful research, and potential to drive positive change within the industry. Interested readers can access the full presentation by following the link above.

As part of its mission, Green Is the New Blue encourages college students across the U.S. to conduct environmental research in equestrian settings. The organization looks forward to using its platform to amplify the initiatives of college students dedicated to making a sustainable impact in equestrian settings. By sharing their school projects, research findings, and presentations with Green Is the New Blue’s audience, student researchers can contribute to a collective knowledge base that will benefit the entire equestrian community.

Together, we can drive change and build a sustainable future for the equestrian sport that connects us. If you are a student researcher with a compelling project to share, please click here to get in touch.

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