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Earth Day 2021: Creating a Sustainable Sport

What is Earth Day?

Since the 1970s, Earth Day has been celebrated as a day of education and environmental awareness. Today is the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, where it is celebrated by more than 140 nations around the globe. This annual holiday has spurred the modern day environmental movement, resulting in legislature such as the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act. To celebrate Earth Day in the equestrian community, Green Is the New Blue has identified a few impactful ways to support the movement for a sustainable sport.

How can I get involved and make an impact?

Create a Green Team

Create a Green Team with your barn mates and organize scheduled meetings to create meaningful conversation around sustainable action. Together, research and address environmental issues including waste management, energy efficiency, and water use. We recommend developing a calendar with environmental field trips or community service projects. Try to build a “Living Jump” as a team using native plant species to promote biodiversity, or design a jump course using upcycled materials.

Contact Your Representatives

Connect with the representatives of organizing bodies within the equestrian sport. Reach out to the board of your local horse show series or take it to the national level of our sport. Express your interest in a Sustainability Action Plan, which can be designed to address environmental issues at their affiliated horse shows. For inspiration, check out the FEI Sustainability Handbook.

Attend Eco-Conscious Horse Shows

As riders, we are the consumers who control demand. Support horse shows that enthusiastically exhibit a commitment to sustainability. Visit our website for a list of partner horse shows. If your favorite horse show hasn’t yet gone green, reach out to the manager and share your desire to see sustainability initiatives put into place, such as Green Is the New Blue’s “Refuse to Use” and “Living Jump” campaigns. Express interest in sustainable food vendors such as Perks with A Twist, whose owners use fresh local ingredients served in compostable packaging.

We hope that you are inspired you to join us on our mission to create a sustainable equestrian sport. We would love to see your Earth Day projects, so please share with us via email (, Instagram (@Green_Is_the_New_Blue), or Facebook.

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