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Equestrian Earth Day Challenge

In celebration, Green Is the New Blue is introducing a four component Earth Day Challenge for our Green Society. Complete them for a chance to win some @Green_Is_The_New_Blue and @barnmanager swag!

Each completed challenge counts as a single entry. You may complete all four within Earth Week. Post your challenge photos to Instagram using the hashtag #EquestrianEarthDay and make sure to tag @Green_Is_the_New_Blue and @barnmanager. Entries close Friday, April 23rd at 4pm EST. Winner will be announced Tuesday, April 27th.

Bring Your Own! Skip the single-use plastics and bring a reusable water bottle with you to the barn.

Get Out and Enjoy Nature! Go for a trail ride, hike, or walk out in nature. Whether it’s a beach walk, mountain trail, or bridle path, we want to see you get out of the house and appreciate our planet. Go solo or invite your human, horse, and canine friends.

Collect a grain bucket’s worth of litter! If you’re at a horse show, try collecting litter back at the barns. You are bound to find mint wrappers breezing by, stray single-use bottles, or other plastics loose in the environment. Not at the barn or horse show? Go to your local park, beach, or trails! Fill up at least a grain bucket or plastic shopping bag with trash.

Shop Fresh & Local! Support your local farmers by shopping at a farm stand or market for your Earth Day dinner. Locally grown produce is fresher and does not significantly rely on fossil fuels for distribution. If possible, choose organic farmers to eliminate the risk of environmental pollution due to pesticide runoff.

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