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Galloping Green at the Washington International Horse Show

The atmosphere at the Washington International Horse Show’s Gallop Green Barn Night couldn’t have been more exciting! In collaboration with Green Is the New Blue, Barn Night carried a thrilling enthusiasm for a sustainable equestrian sport.

The WIHS Junior Committee and Major the mascot.

Arriving by the busload, riders from local stables and equestrian teams arrived in matching outfits, motivated by the WIHS Junior Committee’s Team Spirit contest. We saw everything from catchy green-themed barn slogans on sweatshirts, to skirts crafted from recycled grain bags. Almost everyone in the arena was wearing an eco-themed outfit–children, parents, and coaches alike.

Upon their arrival, each team participated in Green Is the New Blue’s #BringYourOwn photo contest, raising awareness about the detriment of single-use plastics and encouraging people to cut their plastic waste by bringing a reusable bottle. Each team took a photo with the WIHS mascot, Major, holding our sign and decorated with our campaign stickers. As the cameras clicked, the teams rang out in an enthusiastic “GREEN,” as opposed to the typical cheese.

The WIHS Junior Committee also coordinated a fantastic poster contest, with teams presenting their artistic visions of sustainability. One group created an interactive poster, where viewers could take a leaf containing a pledge. Another group used lights to accent their poster, adding recycled Smartpak containers over them for a brighter shine.

To top it off, the committee’s Recycled Jump contest was extremely well received by teams, setting greener standards in the equestrian sport. We’d like to give a special congratulations to Quinn Haven Stables for their win, who will receive a new hydration station for their barn courtesy of Green Is the New Blue.

Gallop Green Barn Night was an incredible evening for our sport. The level of enthusiasm, participation, and mobilization for the cause was beyond compare. Thank you to the Washington International Horse Show for inviting us!

Photo courtesy of WIHS and Quinn Haven Stables

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