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GNB Partners with the Hampton Classic for a Sustainable Sport

Green Is the New Blue wrapped up the summer show season in Bridgehampton, NY, partnering with one of the nation’s most prestigious horse shows, the Hampton Classic. With world-class competition and more than 1,500 horses stabled throughout the week, the Hampton Classic Horse Show offers classes for riders of all ages at the top of the sport. Each year approximately 50,000 people – including many A-list celebrities – come to watch the nation’s best equestrian athletes compete at the Hampton Classic.

Fabric wristbands for the VIP area. Photo: Kristin L. Gray Photography

Previously at the forefront of environmental responsibility, the Hampton Classic invested in manure removal equipment to strain out inorganic materials for composting. To avoid the financial and carbon cost of shipping manure and shavings off Long Island, the horse show has connected with local farmers, allowing them to utilize the materials to add nutrients back into the soil.

In the Anne Aspinall Ring, Green Is the New Blue’s Living Jump brought biodiversity to the horse show, decorating the obstacle with plants native to Long Island. With the help of The Bridgehampton Florist, the design included a variety of perennials to promote pollinators and provide habitat for other beneficial insects. All plants were sourced from the Marders Landscaping and will be planted on the showgrounds following the event, allowing these plants to benefit the ecosystem for their entire life cycle.

The Living Jump decorated with Long Island native perennials.

Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

The Hampton Classic’s Agnetta Currey Boutique Garden boasts more than 80 vendors, and for those who spent over $250, a Hampton Classic Souvenir Shop “shopper bag” was supplied. The dual-branded reusable shopping bag is spacious and made from fabric, making it machine washable and therefore ideal for everyday use.

The Hampton Classic Souvenir Shop “Shopper Bag”. Photo: Kristin L. Gray Photography

The Hampton Classic Souvenir Shop “Shopper Bag”. Photo: R. Scot Evans

Throughout the showgrounds, Green Is the New Blue signage drew attention to single-use plastics and highlighted initiatives at the event. At the Plastic-Free Ingates, riders could stay hydrated by filling a reusable bottle or using a compostable cup. As part of the partnership, Green Is the New Blue also provided bilingual signage for the Mane n’ Tail wash rack, reminding grooms to turn off hoses when not in use.

Fabric wristbands for the VIP area. Photo: Kristin Gray

On Grand Prix Sunday, Green Is the New Blue and the Hampton Classic offered paperless e-ticketing. In the VIP area, wristbands were made out of fabric to avoid single-use plastics. Additionally, VIP’s received a muslin pouch to hold pins for Opening Day and table patrons, replacing the previously employed plastic bag.

Victoria Colvin over the Living Jump in the Anne Aspinall Ring.

Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

After a successful week of Sustainable Sport at the Hampton Classic, Green Is the New Blue followed up with a weekend at the College Preparatory Invitational. As finals season kicks into full gear, keep an eye out for Green Is the New Blue at the Capital Challenge Horse Show and the Pennsylvania National Horse Show.

Green Is the New Blue would like to send a special thank you to Alden Corrigan Media and Kristin L Gray for the beautiful photos of our environmental initiatives.

VIP Wristband at the Hampton Classic. Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

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