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JumpCycle: Setting Greener Standards

Green Is the New Blue is excited to feature creative course design from members of our Green Society. In the spirit of sustainability, we asked equestrians for photos of jumps they have designed using upcycled materials. We hope this inspires you to repurpose materials when decorating your arena!

Hayley-Grace Davis of New Zealand created these beautiful fillers by repurposing the bed frame of an old cot.

Sheri Parkinson diverted this old canoe from the trash, removing it from the owner’s property to create a jump for her horses at Ageon Stables. The canoe was filled with pea gravel from a previous landscaping project. Duck decoys were added to complete the look, thrifted from her own property after being left by the previous owners. Photo by Darice Whyte.

Repurposed wire spools obtained from a local construction company form the base of Jessica Freyburger’s two jumps at the 406 Arena in Montana. The design was completed using extra pieces of wood from wood from recycled pallets and shingles left over from a previous roofing project.

Do you have a jump you’d like to see featured in our next edition of “JumpCycle: Setting Greener Standards.” Send photos of your upcycled jump and its origin to

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