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JumpCycle: Setting Greener Standards - Fourth Edition

Green Is the New Blue’s JumpCycle: Set Greener Standards series features creative course design from members of our Green Society. In the spirit of sustainability, we asked equestrians for photos of jumps they have designed using upcycled materials. We hope this inspires you to repurpose materials when building your next course!

Summer is just around the corner! We are so excited that we can’t help but feature this amazing coastal-themed jump at KB Equine in Maine. Kathleen Bailey created this jump almost entirely out of upcycled materials. She constructed the right standard using old fencing and attached it to logs from her grandfather’s workshop. The left standard consists entirely of scrap material from previous projects. Kathleen repurposed an old tow rope on the standards and pole to really nail the marina look. She built the Liverpool using tarp and scrap wood. The only items that were purchased to build this jump include teal paint and the seagull accent!

Game on! Hayley-Grace Davis of New Zealand designed and built this Pac Man-inspired jump using scraps from previous projects. Although those ghosts must have been difficult to make, we adore the bright and funky final result!

At Green Is the New Blue, we love to see what our Green Society is creating. Send in your designs to be featured and help us “Set Greener Standards” in the equestrian sport. Email photos to with a brief background and you may see your jumps in one of our upcoming editions of JumpCycle.

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