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JumpCycle: Setting Greener Standards - Second Edition

JumpCycle is a new column dedicated to upcycling in course design. At Green Is the New Blue, we aim to inspire your creativity and encourage our readers to divert landfill destined items into unique jumps for their arenas. For our second edition, we are excited to present these stunning jumps crafted with recycled pallets.

Our first jump was created by Michael Fletcher, of Grazing Fields Farm in Massachusetts. Pictured at the New England Equitation Championships, this beautifully designed jump features recycled pallets as the centerpiece for these sturdy standards.

In New Zealand, contributor Hayley-Grace Davis designed these triple bar standards out of recycled pallets. With a fun paint job, we almost couldn’t tell these were pallets!

Jessica Stephens of Western Australia designed this adorable rubber duck themed jump using repurposed pallets.

This patriotic coop was designed by Kristy Singleton of Colorado. The face of this jump was created using pallets, with other recycled materials to complete the details. Kristy used leftover 2x4s from a building project for support. The geometric design and handles are made from fence pickets.

Our final jump for this edition of Setting Greener Standards was designed by Erin Wildeboer of Canada. Erin developed these fillers using materials she collected from a second-hand construction store she works with. This jump includes recycled pallets and plank flooring. Erin is passionate about diverting waste from landfills and works as a Waste Diversion Program Liaison for her community.

We would love to see what our Green Society has created. Send in your designs to be featured and help us “Set Greener Standards” in the equestrian sport. Email photos to with a brief background and you may see your jumps in one of our upcoming editions of JumpCycle.

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