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Sag Harbor Express: Hampton Classic

Green Is the New Blue was featured in this article by the Sag Harbor Express about the Hampton Classic. To read the entire article, click below.

Sag Harbor Express

August 25, 2021

Excerpt about Green Is the New Blue

The Hampton Classic Horse Show is partnering with Green Is the New Blue to expand its environmental efforts. Green Is the New Blue is a non-profit organization that strives to reduce the environmental impact of horse shows for a more sustainable sport, on a number of environmental initiatives including: Green Is the New Blue’s Living Jump, which will be used in the Anne Aspinall Ring. The jump features vegetation native to Long Island’s East End. Following the horse show, the Living Jump’s flora will be planted on the Hampton Classic showgrounds to support the local ecosystem.

The Classic is also introducing paperless ticketing for Grand Prix Sunday and Green Is the New Blue is providing a muslin VIP pouch, which will be utilized to hold the VIP pins for both Opening Day and week-long VIP table patrons, replacing plastic bags used previously. It is also providing the VIP wristbands for Grand Prix Sunday made out of fabric, thus reducing single use plastic.

Green Is the New Blue and the Hampton Classic are also partnering for a sustainable shopping experience in Agneta Currey Boutique Garden. It’s providing the Hampton Classic Souvenir Shop’s “shopper bag” which is given to any customer spending $250 or more and is also available for purchase.

Green Is the New Blue is bringing its initiative of a “Plastic-Free Ingate” to every competition arena by providing bamboo cups with “not a tree” written on them and is providing bilingual signage at the Classic’s Mane ’n Tail spa stations to remind exhibitors and grooms to save water by turning off hoses when not in use.

The Classic has long been at the forefront of environmental responsibility with some of its previous efforts such as purchasing equipment for its manure removal company to strain out inorganic materials discarded in manure bins so manure and shavings can be composted and added back into the soil at farms in the local area. Additionally, the trash removal company the Hampton Classic utilizes sends all trash to a sorting facility, ensuring recyclable items are recycled.

“Green Is the New Blue has been a driving force in helping horse shows reduce their environmental impact,” said Barth Cohen. “The Hampton Classic endorses their efforts and we are proud to join forces with them to help bring about a greener tomorrow for everyone.”

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