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Secondhand Shopping for a Sustainable Sport

At Green Is the New Blue, we are often asked for recommendations on sustainable equestrian fashion, such as breeches and boots. Although we are always on the lookout for sustainably sourced products, the best way to buy is always secondhand.

On Course Consignment in Wellington, Florida

Purchasing used clothes is an obvious form of recycling, as a pair of breeches finds a new home with someone who will give the product a new life. Depending on product type, a used purchase can make a big difference when it comes to environmental issues like climate change. Leather goods such as boots, bridles, and saddles are made from leather sourced from the cattle industry, requiring high land and water use. We understand the need for show-quality tack, but there are plenty of beautiful older and functional pieces that look great for schooling.

There are other benefits, too! Generally, there is little to no product packaging associated with used clothing and tack, which minimizes waste. Also, by purchasing secondhand, you are helping to divert unwanted items from a landfill. And of course, the price tag helps, too! Used items are often a fraction of the cost, even though in many cases they are barely worn in.

On Course Consignment in Wellington, Florida, is an amazing place to find quality used items, including your favorite brands like Tailored Sportsman, Animo, Charles Ancona, EIS, and beyond. The equestrian consignment store fills a gap in the local community, connecting quality secondhand items with riders that need them. Owner Jacquie McCutchan meticulously inspects items to make sure they are in quality working condition. During the winter season, On Course Consignment has a wide variety of top-quality items for sale, from riding attire to tack and other barn equipment.

Another great resource to check out is the Grazers App. Similar to the popular secondhand clothing app PoshMark, Grazers is geared specifically toward equestrians. The app was created by two amateur riders, Casey Norton and Jennifer Burke. Grazers serves as a platform to connect horsemen, who can easily sign up as a vendors and list their items. Items are shipped directly to the buyer from the vendor. A remote consignment shop, this app has everything you need for multiple disciplines, from saddles to show attire.

If you are in the market for a new saddle, don’t forget that most major saddle brands have used options available, with a wide variety of models and years. There are also plenty of dealers like that specifically sell quality used saddles, such as Old Dominion Saddlery or Sport Horse Saddlery.

The only time we recommend buying new is when you are in the market for a new helmet. As safety certifications are improved and adjusted, helmets expire after a few years. Helmets can appear in good condition, but you never know if the previous owner wore it during a fall. We love secondhand shopping, but helmets just aren’t worth the risk.

If you have riding clothes that you are not able to consign or sell, consider donating to The Rider’s Closet or your local therapeutic riding program. The Rider’s Closet was designed to ensure riding apparel is accessible to those in need, including those from scholastic programs, pony clubs, camps, equine charities, and individual riders.

Finally, we recommend keeping tabs on your local equine Facebook groups. There are many different groups to buy and sell clothing and equipment. Well priced items are generally swiped up quickly, so turn your notifications on!

Remember, the ultimate goal is to keep usable items out of landfills by connecting them with those who need them. As much as we advocate for supporting eco-conscious brands, the most sustainable choice is always to buy secondhand!

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