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Setting Greener Standards at Gleneayre Horse Show

Last weekend, Gleneayre Equestrian Program hosted its annual Gleneayre Horse Show and Hunter Derby event with much success and enthusiasm for the course design. Over two days, riders competed in one of four derbies. Bringing ecology to the show ring, the derby course consisted entirely of Living Jumps.

Solar panels appear behind a Living Jump at the Gleneayre Horse Show

Photo: Gleneayre Equestrian Program

What is a Living Jump? A Living Jump consists of reclaimed wood, native plants, and other natural resources to decorate the course. The goal of a Living Jump is to minimize waste and provide habitat and food to a diverse range of native wildlife, including birds, bees, butterflies, insects, and small mammals. Using natural materials to promote biodiversity, Gleneayre’s course was designed to be harmonious with nature.

Here are the elements of Gleneayre’s jumps that we love:

  • Reclamation is key! Notice the firewood filler. This wood is reclaimed from fallen trees and branches, and most likely it will be used as firewood for the upcoming winter in New Jersey.

  • Plants can be replanted onto the farm, winterized for the next year, or donated to the local community.

  • Decorations like pumpkins and squash can be dropped off at local farms, making a great treat for animals like pigs and chickens.

  • Poles and standards can be stored for next season or moved to indoor arenas.

Reclaim fallen branches and store firewood in the form of a Living Jump.

Photo: Gleneayre Equestrian Program

Green Is the New Blue is a proud supporter of the Gleneayre Equestrian Program, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing transformational experiences for both people and horses that are poorly served by more mainstream resources and programs.

It’s up to us to set greener standards for the equestrian sport. Inspired? Create a Living Jump at your farm and share it with us on social media by tagging and DMing us! Already have one? We want to see!

Photo: Gleneayre Equestrian Program

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