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Setting Greener Standards with Cranberry Acres Equestrian

Green Is the New Blue had the pleasure of attending the Cranberry Acres Equestrian Schooling Show on a delightful Sunday during Memorial Day weekend. The event showcased the incredible talent and creativity of young riders who participated in the IEA team's recycled jump contest. These riders dedicated their time and effort to design and build jumps using recycled materials, resulting in an inspiring display of sustainability and innovation.

Over the past few weeks, riders were divided into four groups, each tasked with designing and constructing jumps for the Cranberry Acres course using recycled materials. They were given the freedom to repurpose items from thrift stores, their own homes, and even the farm itself. With the assistance of their parents, these young equestrians put their hearts and minds into creating jumps that were not only of high quality but also designed with a circular economy in mind. By breathing new life into old items, they provided the barn with a stunning set of jumps for the arena.

Among the remarkable jumps displayed at the event, the plant themed jump stood out as a vibrant testament to sustainability. Real hydrangeas were incorporated, adding a touch of color and biodiversity to the jump, while recycled turf sourced from one of the riders' homes enhanced its eco-friendly appeal. The top rail was adorned with a repurposed floral decoration, showcasing the riders' attention to detail and their commitment to utilizing existing resources.

The Cranberry Acres themed jump paid homage to the farm's rich history. Once a working cranberry bog, this jump cleverly utilized old cranberry crates as jump fillers, adding a touch of authenticity to the course. The riders also revamped old rails, bringing new life into them with a fresh coat of paint. The standards featured panels made from reclaimed hardwood flooring, serving as a reminder of the farm's heritage while embodying the spirit of sustainability.

The Cupcake jump held a special significance, inspired by a beloved school pony named Cupcake, who recently passed away. The riders utilized leftover wood from a parent’s previous project to design the standards and fillers. Through this jump, they honored the memory of Cupcake while showcasing their commitment to sustainability.

Crafted from leftover wood sourced from a parent's workplace, the Starbucks jump showcased the young riders' ingenuity and creativity. One rider even used her crafting skills to develop the iconic Starbucks logo. The attention to detail was extraordinary, as they included their trainer's coffee order, adding a playful and personalized touch to the jump.

Green Is the New Blue extends heartfelt gratitude to Cranberry Acres for allowing them to be part of such a beautiful day on the farm. The Cranberry Acres Equestrian recycled jump contest was a resounding success, showcasing the impressive initiative, creativity, and commitment of young riders towards sustainability. They serve as inspiring role models for other equestrians, demonstrating that going green at the barn is not only feasible but also enjoyable. Let us be inspired by their example and join the movement to set greener standards in the equestrian world. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future for our beloved sport.

Join the Green Movement:

In the spirit of spreading the green movement, Green Is the New Blue invites all equestrian programs to create their own recycled jumps and share them with their followers. By participating, equestrians can set greener standards and contribute to a more sustainable future for the equestrian community as a whole. Be sure to share your jumps with us on social media!

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