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When It Comes to Sustainable Sport, RingSide Pro Delivers: Five Questions with Emma Fass

Amateur equestrian Emma Fass is harnessing the power of technology to help horse sports run more smoothly–and more sustainably! At participating horse shows, Emma’s app RingSidePro connects riders (along with spectators and staff) with their rings via text-alert updates on ring status, orders or go, and more. Now, RingSide Pro users can also opt in to receive Green Texts, powered by Green Is the New Blue.

Earlier this spring, we sat down with Emma to talk more about RingSide Pro and how our collaboration could inspire sustainable action within equestrian sports.

Emma, tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Emma Fass and first and foremost, I am the proud owner of a sweet horse named Ernie! I started riding when I was 6 years old, but I really fell in love with the sport when I got Ernie in high school. He was a superstar junior horse, but now he’s settled nicely into a semi-retired life of trail riding, 2’6” courses, and lots of treats!

My other passion in life is technology, which is where my company RingSide Pro comes in! Growing up as an equestrian, I’ve always felt that we could be better utilizing technology to improve our sport. While I do want to honor the traditions in the horse world, I also think that change can be valuable and can help move us towards a better future. And who’s to say we can’t have both tradition and technology?

What is RingSide Pro?

RingSide Pro is my response to people who, like me, always want to be ringside no matter where they are! Our text alert service allows horse show management to easily send everything you hear over a loudspeaker at a horse show right to your phones as text messages. Now, everyone on the show grounds can have access to reliable communication to keep horse shows running smoothly!

In 2021, we extended our services to include a full suite of horse show management software. Imagine being able to quickly enter horse shows, check class numbers, find your results and get constant updates from the horse show on a user-friendly website. Plus, we’ve partnered with USEF to allow you to easily import your horse and rider info with your membership number!

Why is RingSide Pro a game changer for horse sports?

While we all love horse shows, we can also acknowledge the fact that a day of horse showing usually comes with quite a bit of chaos. We’ve all been in that position where it feels like you’ve been waiting forever, and then all of a sudden, you’re supposed to be in the ring in 10 minutes.

I created RingSide Pro to directly address this problem by improving communication and efficiency on the show grounds. Improvements like this will not only make one aspect of the sport, competitions, more pleasant but also more inclusive. When information is more readily available to competitors and spectators, you offer increased opportunities for accessibility in the sport. To help provide this, at RingSide Pro, we work hard to make our services affordable to horse shows of all sizes. That means you can benefit from this technology whether you’re competing at a huge facility with a long walk to the ring or you’re trailering-in to a local show in time for the afternoon schooling break.

Why Connect with Green Is the New Blue?

Ever since I was little, my mom has taught me that being green means making small changes that add up to a big result! At horse shows, she would fill up 4-5 water bottles in the hotel each morning to avoid using plastic bottles. Years later, I kept that going while grooming at horse shows, even if it meant carrying around 4 full water bottles in my backpack. When I discovered the GITNB organization, I was so excited to learn that they are taking actions like helping horse shows install water bottle refill stations. Not only is GITNB showing how small changes can add up, but also my back will thank them for this wonderful change!

I truly believe that the future of the horse world is all interconnected. GITNB and RingSide Pro share a common goal in creating more open-mindedness and sustainability in our sport, through embracing eco-friendly and technological changes. This open-mindedness is the key to creating a future in which we embrace new practices that will not only help us survive but also thrive!

Let’s talk essentials… What’s in the top tray of your tack

Treats!! Our horses are quite spoiled and have their choice of treats: peppermints, carrots, bananas and brown sugar PopTarts for special occasions. A special item we need for my horse, Ernie, is Quic Silver since he has tons of chrome but loves to roll in his stall! Another item I always keep in my tack trunk is my “lucky ladybug.” One of my trainers, Laura, gave it to me before showing at Indoors and I won the NAL Children’s Finals that year with it in my pocket! Now I never go to a horse show without my little ladybug.

Green Is the New Blue is excited to partner with Emma Fass and RingSide Pro to provide Green Text alerts to spread the word about environmental initiatives around the showgrounds and beyond. Visit RingSidePro to set up your account and get connected!

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