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Congratulations to Team 12, the winners of the Green Team Challenge at CPI Florida 2022.

Shayna K. Rebecca K., Chelsea T., and Meredith M.

      In the Green Team Challenge, student-athletes compete on teams and collaborate to develop solutions to environmental prompts pertinent to equestrian sports. The challenge debuted successfully at the 2022 College Preparatory Invitational in Wellington, Florida, with each rider on the winning team receiving a $500 scholarship towards higher education. 

      At the event, riders had the opportunity to utilize an Eco-Friendly Work Station containing thrifted art supplies and a solar powered phone charger. 

Living Jump Alden.jpeg.webp

The Living Jump

Your team is tasked with building a "Living Jump" for a horse show in Wellington, Florida. The purpose of the "Living Jump" is to promote biodiversity and support species that enhance ecosystem resilience. 


Identify three plants you would include in your design and Explain why each is beneficial to the local ecosystem. Draw a sketch of your jump to show where each plant will be utilized in your design.


The EcoCollection

You are on the marketing team for a major equestrian retailer looking to reduce their environmental footprint. They would like to launch an “Eco-Collection” on the website where consumers can shop for sustainable equestrian products. 


Identify one existing product you would list in your eco-collection and explain how it aligns with the environmental criteria provided.

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