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Sustainable Sport Spring Recap

Green Is the New Blue would like to recognize the impactful environmental initiatives in place at our partner horse shows this spring. So far in 2021, Green Is the New Blue initiatives have been successfully implemented at the Aiken Charity Horse Show, Split Rock Hunter Jumper Classic, Upperville Colt & Horse Show, and the Princeton Show Jumping Series. Each of these horse shows has made a commitment to improve the sustainability of equestrian sports by targeting issues such as single-use plastics and recycling, waste management, water conservation, and biodiversity.

Plastic-Free Ingate at Split Rock Jumping Tour. Photo: Split Rock Jumping Tour

Our signage can be seen across these horse shows, identifying initiatives like Refuse to Use, Ribbon Recycling, and water conservation. The Refuse to Use campaign highlights the desperate need to avoid single-use plastics and opt for compostable or zero-waste choices instead. At our partner horse shows, Green Is the New Blue teamed up to implement a Plastic-Free Ingate, providing compostable cups for hydration. One hundred percent compostable, our cups are made with sugarcane paper and feature a corn lining, unlike plastic which is derived from petroleum. To reduce the waste of ribbons at the end of the show week, our Ribbon Recycling bins collect unwanted ribbons to be steamed and redistributed at future events. In the wash rack, Green Is the New Blue signage reminds grooms conserve water by turning the hose off while they’re sudsing a horse up.

Wash rack signage at Split Rock Jumping Tour.

Photo by Split Rock Jumping Tour

To start off the season, Green Is the New Blue teamed up with the Aiken Horse Park Foundation for the Aiken Charity Horse Show. For the second year in a row, our Living Jump was the highlight of the course throughout the hunter derbies. A Living Jump is designed using a variety of native plant species that benefit the local ecosystem. Following the event, the jump in Aiken is dismantled and replanted at Bruce’s Field to provide habitat for years to come.

Living Jump at the Aiken Charity Horse Show. Photo: A&S Photography

Once again, Green Is the New Blue have joined the Split Rock Jumping Tour for an entire series of sustainable equestrian sport. Together, we kicked off this series in June at the Split Rock Hunter Jumper Classic held at the Kentucky Horse Park. Thanks to Dalman Jump Co., we debuted two beautiful new sets of Living Jump standards, which were decorated with a variety of Kentucky-native species. In the Grand Prix ring, our bold new standards catch eyes to help raise awareness of the initiatives around the park.

New Living Jump by Dalman Jump Co. at Split Rock Jumping Tour. Photo: Split Rock Jumping Tour

This spring Green Is the New Blue also made an appearance at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show in Virginia, which showcased the Living Jump and Plastic-Free Ingate. Green Is the New Blue has also teamed up with Princeton Show Jumping to reduce their environmental impact throughout sixteen weeks of horse showing.

Our next stop along the way will be the Brandywine Horse Show in Devon, PA, where we will continue to make strides for a sustainable sport over three straight weeks of competition. Thank you to all of the exhibitors and horse show staff who have joined us to make a positive impact on our planet through the equestrian sport.

Our new jumper set by Dalman Jump Co. at Split Rock Jumping Tour.

Photo: Split Rock Jumping Tour

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