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Transform Course Design with the #SettingGreenerStandards Summer Challenge

Looking for an exciting and eco-friendly activity this summer? Green Is the New Blue invites equestrians and horse enthusiasts to join the #SettingGreenerStandards Challenge and revolutionize course design. Not only will participants enjoy a fun bonding experience, but their coaches will also receive the gift of new jumps for their arenas.

Green Is the New Blue is promoting sustainability and creativity in course design, inspired by the Cranberry Acres Equestrian Team, who pioneered the contest. This team held the first-ever recycled jump contest at their barn, dividing participants into four groups. Each group was tasked with designing a jump using thrifted and recycled materials, with the assistance of their parents.

The result? Four breathtaking jumps that adorned the arena at their farm's schooling show.

The #SettingGreenerStandards challenge offers two exciting categories for participants to explore:

Recycled Jump

Recycled Jump by Cranberry Acres Equestrian

Unleash your creativity by designing a jump made entirely from recycled materials. Give your arena a fresh look and take pride in having built the jump (or jumps!) yourself.

Explore your farm, home, or local thrift store to find items to upcycle into your design. From old wood flooring, wooden crates, and pallets to leftover home improvement materials, and floral decorations, the possibilities are endless.

Living Jump

Living Jump at Gleneayre Equestrian Program

Support pollinators such as butterflies, birds, and bees by creating a Living Jump. Identify beneficial native plants that provide essential food or habitat for these vital species and incorporate them into your jump's design.

Consider factors such as sunlight and water requirements, as well as the jump's location in the arena or field. The National Wildlife Federation's Native Plant Finder is an excellent resource to identify native plants and learn how to care for them.

The #SettingGreenerStandards challenge encourages participants to share their creations on social media. To enter, simply post photos and reels of your jump, along with a description of its inspiration and a list of the recycled components used. Don't forget to include the hashtag #SettingGreenerStandards and tag @green_is_the_new_blue. Submissions must also be sent via our website or email

All entries will be showcased on Green Is the New Blue's social media platforms and website. The contest will run until September 4th, 2023 with winners announced via social media.

For more information about the #SettingGreenerStandards Challenge and Green Is the New Blue, please visit

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